Topic: Physician and/or Nurse Labor Shortages

The student will complete an annotated bibliography assignment using the template provided. This assignment must be used as a starting point in your research for your project. It may also be used to begin to explore ideas or concepts you find
interesting within the realm of the topics covered in this class. Through this research, you will begin to formulate ideas and approaches to your selected topic. This assignment also builds research skills for all students.

Review the following instructions and requirements for this assignment:
You must use the Jerry Falwell Library research portal and identify a minimum of five
(5) scholarly journal articles from peer-reviewed journals addressing your topic.
All references must be less than seven (7) years old.
Ensure that the document follows current APA formatting.

When using the provided template, delete current material and replace it with your own material.
Refer to the Healthcare Management Research Project: Annotated Bibliography Grading
Rubric for additional project insights.