1. Risk Identification and Evaluation Processes
  2. After project risk has been identified and evaluated, the project manager/team develops mitigation plan to reduce the impact of an unexpected even – Discuss three ways to mitigate Risks in a Project
  3. What is the difference between External Complexity and Internal complexity risk profiles in a project – discuss with examples

2.In this discussion, you need to investigate any one generic competitive strategy from the perspective of organizations in the same sector. More than one organization may be involved, but the information you use needs to deal essentially with the same area of generic competitive strategy in the same sector of organizations. Here is a great opportunity to investigate one or two of the businesses that you utilize in your personal life, but who represent one of the five competitive strategies. Suggestion: a SWOT analysis could be helpful, as based on the articles you select, depending on the depth of information available (SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).