1. Create a user for yourself on this system which isn’t root

2. Set a good password for this user and write it down or record it
somewhere safe

3. Set a good password for the root user also and write it down or record it
somewhere safe

4. Add a group called “team” to your system

5. Create a second user, any name you want

6. Add yourself and the other user to the “team” group

7. Create a file in your home directory and make it owned by the
“team” group

8. Make a backup of the contents of your home directory using tar (with
compress option) into a file called backup.tar.gz in the /root directory. Note
from the tutor : To grade this lab I will login to your virtual machine and
check that these things have been done. No need to take screen captures or sent
me copy and paste of the output etc. Just be sure to leave in place any files,
users, configurations, etc. created while doing your lab. I will check for
these things in your VM when I grade the labs at the end of the course. If
there are any problems please send me a message or join one of my office hours
sessions. Have fun!