The Zing Corp. has recently bought two pieces of land: one southwest of the Town of Windsor and one in the Tatamagouche area (see maps attached). You have been hired to select a building site for their new Resort based on radioactivity and environmental considerations. For background on the site selection you must describe what kind of uranium enrichments (mineralization/deposits) are present on each of their properties and explain how they formed.

Pick one of the properties that you think would make a more favourable site (contrast the two properties and justify your decision to pick one over the other).

Pick an area within your chosen property boundaries to place the resort (place it on the map). Justify why you picked this location(use the internet for some of the information).

What work would you perform on the area in order to pick the ultimate site.

After the resort is constructed what measures would you take to limit radon in the buildings.

The resort will need to drill wells for a water supply, what problems might be expected in regards to water quality? How could they be fixed (mitigated)?