Hi I need help for these two readings ( Book 5 ) and ( book 7 ) from Plato’s republic book :-

1 – Use the readings to do a Presentation powerpoint for ( 10 – 15 mins presentation ) see the guide attached for more information about the presentation. ( Please use speaking notes under each slide so I can make sure that I can speak for at least 10 mins )

– Use the readings to do Presentation Paper ( 3 pages paper ) Please see the guide attached for more information about this presentation paper .

The reading IS ch 5 and 7 from Platos republic book

Please see the attached instructions. the book name : -Plato, Republic, translated by Allan Bloom. Basic Books. [You can get either the 2nd or 3rd edition as you see fit]

Explanation of what I need from the paper:

so the main focus or our main argument is going to be Knowledge, since its the most significant argument from those two books ( 5 ) and book ( 7 ), book 7 and book 5 are related together because both of them mention knowledge in their text,

for example, here is what socrates said about knowledge in book 5 and here is what other philosophers said about knwoledge in book 7 and then we have to connect those to together in our paper and the presentation to make our argument or critic,so check the attachment for instructions,in order to make the paper we have to state a question first, state a question and then be transparent as much as you can and say here is the answer and here is why I think this is the correct answer from this argument, like this by connecting what scorates and other philopehrs said about the knowledge argument

Attached is an outline for book 5