1.This week, you will write a comprehensive APA analysis paper utilizing all of the knowledge you have gained in ESM 3300. Use what you have learned to demonstrate a thorough understanding of all external reading assignments, the READ and the ATTEND sections in your essay. If you need support on how to formulate your APA analysis paper, you may refer to the APA template under the Resource tab or contact the CPS Librarians. Please refer to your grading rubric for guidance. Upon completion you will click on the Dropbox tab to submit your paper for grading.

Be sure to back up your point of view with at least three scholarly sources. Use in text citations and do not self-plagiarize from the previous four weeks.

Address each of the questions and statements listed below:

  • Describe the events that led to the redesign of the national preparedness infrastructure. Do you believe there should be more or less federal involvement in the state and local disaster response efforts? List three federal agencies associated with preparedness activities and give a brief description of each.
  • What are some of the successes and challenges of building a disease surveillance system in the United States? Describe how the international communities are related. Who should be supporting global surveillance capacity building?
  • Explain Med-Kits and how they should be prioritized, distributed and utilized.
  • How do state and local governments contribute to nationwide preparedness? What more (or less) should they be doing? Do we as citizens in our local community have a responsibility to contribute? How?
  • Explain the National Response Framework and include a description of Emergency Support Functions, the NRF Support Annexes, and the NRF Incident Annexes.