please select one of Johnson’s (2010) five views of how psychology and Christianity relate, and describe how it could be beneficial in your area of research interest. Please briefly describe the viewpoint you have chosen, and then describe how it would apply to your research area and why you believe it would be a beneficial approach to pursuing truth in that area. Please remember that you are persuading the audience to believe this viewpoint would be good for your research area and, therefore, you will want to ensure you build a logical, strong argument for using the chosen viewpoint in your research area.


Please include the following slides in your PowerPoint Assignment:

  • Introductory slide that tells the audience the purpose of the presentation.
  • Viewpoint slide(s) that explain the view you have chosen and how it explains the relationship between psychology and Christianity.
  • Research area slide that describes your area of research interest.
  • Slide(s) describing why you believe the chosen viewpoint would be a beneficial way to approach knowledge and truth in your topical area.
  • Concluding slide that provides a summary and conclusion to your presentation.
  • References slide(s).

The PowerPoint Assignment must be clear and include information on the slides to help the audience follow the argument made in your narration. Also, transitions between slides must be made in a way that helps guide the audience along the argument you are making for your viewpoint. As you are preparing this Narrated PowerPoint Assignment, imagine you have been asked to give a talk on how the chosen viewpoint could help advance knowledge in your research area. Then, develop a logical, clear argument describing the viewpoint, your research area, and why the viewpoint you have chosen would be beneficial to advancing knowledge in your area.

Be sure to review the criteria on the PowerPoint Grading Rubric before beginning this Narrated PowerPoint Assignment.

Please see the Narrated PowerPoint Assignment page under the Narrated PowerPoint Resources on how to submit a video presentation.

Book below to use for the powerpoint

After that do a discussion post:

You have to write this:. For this discussion, please write and post an abstract of this presentation. Much like a conference presentation abstract, your abstract should briefly describe your presentation in a way that persuades readers to want to listen to your presentation.

that has to be 500 words