The assessment is based on the evaluation and analysis of the strategic and tactical supply choices of a Chocolate Manufacturing Company

The presentation should cover the following:

Q1. An outline of the chocolate manufacturing company’s supply chain strategy and an analysis of their various strategic choices

Q2. An outline of the various tactical supply chain choices that the chocolate manufacturing company had to make over a five-year period, covering any major changes in the company’s tactical decisions and providing an assessment of their performance and results.

Q3. A plan of recommendations for the chocolate manufacturing company’s future supply chain (the way forward). These recommendations should be determined by the outcome of the analysis and assessment undertaken in Q1 and 2.

For Questions 1-3: If you are using the fictional chocolate manufacturing company from the business simulation then you can only consider their progress over a 5-year period – as the simulation only ran for 5 weeks, with each week being equivalent to a year. If you are using a real life chocolate manufacturing company, then you can consider their progress over a 5-10-year period.

Please note that you need to use relevant supply chain management concepts and frameworks to analyse the company and support your presentation.