Use “Case 22: What Makes a Patient Centered Medical Home?” to create a Gantt chart and project budget. The PCMH implementation budget should not exceed $50,000.

Use the following resource costs.



Cost Per Day

Jill Smith

Practice Manager


Beth Meyers

Lead Physician


Rachel Piccolo

Staff Nurse


Brian Williams

Care Coordinator


Mara Thomas

Independent Practice Facilitator


Cici Reynolds

Administrative Fellow


Students have been provided an Excel spreadsheet template. Students may use this template as a starting point for your assignment or you may create your own spreadsheet. Submit the Excel multi-tabbed spreadsheet through Canvas.

Here are some relevant Excel tips:

Requirements for Gantt chart:

  • Tasks divided up by objective/phase and listed down the left side. (1)
  • Formatted to print appropriately. (1)
  • Includes start date, end date, duration (days), and assigned resource/staff. (1)
  • Includes bars that represent duration of time of each task. (1)
  • Includes identification of dependent tasks displayed with arrows. (.5)
  • Includes milestones displayed as diamonds. (.5)

Requirements for project budget:

  • For each task, includes duration (days/hours), resource, cost per day, task cost. (1)
  • Includes total project sum. (1)
  • Formatted to print appropriately. (1)