RTM 396-W

Writing in Recreation Settings

TITLE: Project Proposal (30 points)

Background: At some point in your life, you will likely need to create a project proposal. This may be for a new business you hope to start, a project at work, a proposal for your wedding, a passion project you hope to go after or a non-profit idea you have. Whatever the reason, project proposal writing is a VERY valuable skill! A project proposal is a written description of your project along with a rationale for why it should be undertaken or funded.

Assignment Instructions: Think of an area in your professional or personal life that you are passionate about. Maybe you are an avid gamer looking to propose a new video game, or maybe you work at an event and conference center and are hoping to solve a major waste issue they have with single use plastics at conventions. Maybe you are passionate about increasing awareness around people with disabilities in your field, or addressing inequalities girls face in sports. Maybe you are a yoga teacher looking to host a retreat. It can truly be ANYTHING! Be sure to choose something that has meaning to YOU.

Based on your personal or professional passion, you will craft a project proposal. Your proposal can be a new business idea, a workshop, a Summer camp, a new initiative at work, an event, a research project etc. YOU will have to get creative as far as what you decide to propose. These are just ideas. You can choose something not listed here.

Your proposal should include the following:

  1. A title page
  2. A proposal proposal letter of intent
  3. A page with illustrations and visuals to support your proposal (i.e. pictures, graphs, charts and other visual representations).

Tip: Use a free Canva template to create your proposal (Links to an external site.)

Use Unsplash for free high quality images: (Links to an external site.)

What to turn in?

  1. One PDF document with your (1) title page (2) letter of intent and (3) visual page
  2. Video to watch
  3. Example