PLEASE SEE ALL ATTACHED INFORMATION (VERY IMPORTANT) An exact example of what it should look like is attached under: PSY3215 Final Paper II

the information below should be added to a paper that has already been written (also attached: Experimental Paper 1)

This is the third and final paper of three papers.

This paper will have you adding to all the content from your second paper as well as including two new sections and a new subsection:



-Appendix – SPSS Output

Additionally, the abstract will be increased to ~ 250 words in length. Please don’t forget to include the keywords that you (hopefully) had on your second paper.

As with the previous paper, all papers must be submitted in Microsoft Word format (either .doc or .docx).

For your results, you will be analyzing the Paper III data .sav file attached below. Make sure to use the appropriate analysis methods mentioned in class. If you find yourself confused or unsure about how to handle the statistical analysis in SPSS, I encourage you to reach out to me via email, sooner rather than later.