THREE 500+ word summaries.These articles describe empirical research conducted in the field of

psychology in the past year. They have been published in peer-reviewed


 You will have to read the article and write a summary of it.

 In order to earn the credit, your summary MUST include the following


 Word count generated by the word processing program

 a complete reference to the summarized article in APA format

 a brief description in your own words including

o the purpose of the research (what theory or hypothesis was tested)

o the basic procedure used to test the theory or hypothesis

o what was found

o what the findings mean for the theory or hypothesis

o other related issues, i.e., how society might use these findings, or

what additional research seems appropriate.

There are total 5 documents but 2 are examples for the summaries on how it should be(please do not plagiarise the summaries , they are just for reference) and the other 3 are the articles which need to be summarised the 3 articles are each separate so each article should have different summaries for each so 3 different summaries.

Please the quality should not be compromised.

If there are more than 500 words that is okay but not less than 500.