intro and conclusion

i can go up to 5 buck only

in-text citation and reference page in APA at least the book

4 page required

first person voice like first person voice (e.g. I felt, I thought, it reminded me, etc)

not give a plot summary BUT provide enough details/examples from the
book to demonstrate that you read it. Do not use websites that provide
summaries of the books; you must read the books yourself.

This is mostly your opinion piece but make sure you include some specific detail that shows you read it

Papers should loosely answer some or answer all if possible of the following questions, not necessarily in order. but i hope you answer all of them

The similarly score needs to be less than 15%

Course Description
Epidemics, chronic disease, workplace hazards, bioterrorism, pollution, second hand smoke, and violence are
all public health problems. This course will introduce students to the growing and broad field of public health
and public health concepts with a focused look at the core areas of environmental health, epidemiology,
population health, and health promotion. Various components of the course aim to stimulate learning about the
history and milestones of public health, as well as new and current issues facing public health.This course is
designed to lay the groundwork for all future coursework and introduce students to specialty areas within public
health. University Undergraduate Learning Objectives will be emphasized and reinforced throughout this

Make sure that each question has at least 6 sentences each to get to 4 pages double spaced