I need help on a 2000 word report + code on a data analytics problem. The assignment is to identify an important business problem, find one or more relevant
datasets, generate insightful visualizations of the data, fit a range of models to the data to produce your
best predictions, and make and justify recommendations to a decision maker related to this
problem. The detailed requirements are attached. For this, most code should be in R, while there need to be at least 3 visualizations in R and 3 in Tableau. I don’t need as much help on the business problem as I can come up with something, as long as the data and code part is done well and is something that is relevant to some business context which can be talked about. If you want to help with both that’s fine with me as well. It needs to be proprietary work, i.e. no existing such analysis or analytics done which is available online.