Critically Reading and Reflecting:

For this unit, “Chapter 7: Proposing a Solution,” we are thinking critical of issue/problems in our community. After evaluating issues/problems, the task is to come up with creative solutions, that are well researched/supported. Please read the sample essays in this chapter.

Respond to the following in a paragraph:

  • Reading, “More Testing, More Learning,” what do you identify as Patrick O’Malley’s proposed solution? Do you agree or disagree with his solution? What example or support in his essay is most convincing, be specific with quote from essay. Explain what makes it most convincing and effective. Personally, what do you think would help most with the issue of “high stakes exams” or academic stress, in college? Can you come up with a better solution?


Respond to the following in a paragraph (at least 6-8 sentences min):

  • Please identify a problem or issue, at school, job, or home, that you desire to be solved. In one paragraph explain what this problem/issue is. Why is this a problem? What are the causes of this problem and what are the effects of this problem? Who does it impact most?
    • may be issue on campus
    • family chores/electronic use
    • issue at work with pay/decorum
    • This week you are reading,
    • Chapter 7: Proposing a Solution,’ in the St. Martin’s Guide to writing. Reflect on issues/problems in your community that impact you directly. You may define community as your household, school, work place, culture, neighborhood, or groups/activities. While reading Chapter 7, specifically, review the basic features for this type of essay, Proposing a Solution:
      • A focused, well-defined problem
      • A well-argued solution
      • An effective response to objections and alternative solutions
      • Clear logical organization

      Pay attention to what makes strong proposal and specific examples that the writer establishes to convince the reader that this proposal is most effective. You will post a reading response and begin brainstorming in discussion. Before you can begin thinking about your proposal, you need to establish research skills. Thus, you will also be completing a library research tutorial.This week you are also reading, Octavia E. Butler’s, “Parable of the Sower.”Octavia Butler makes the New York Times Best Seller List, fulfils own  prophecy | SYFY WIREPlease read chapters 1-5 this week. Review my lecture notes and video on how to approach close-reading. Also, review New York Times article, Democracy Now interview and look up more information on Octavia E. Butler. Then, post your reading response in Discussion, “Getting to Know your Author.”This week you will complete the following task:

      • Read Chapter 7: Proposing Solution
      • Post in Discussion your response to reading and begin brainstorming
      • Review and Complete Library Tutorials and Post paragraph summary
      • Review Reading Schedule
      • Review “Reading Chapter One”
      • Post Discussion response: Knowing your Author (read article, watch clip and post)
      • I have posted a podcast that you may want to additionally listen to while reading, which reads aloud the chapter and provides discussion/analysis. Many students found this helpful and an entertaining podcast to listen to while driving, working and in personal time.