Pick a topic relevant to your field that requires some form of evaluation or a solution, this
can be a general issue or one aimed at a specific or hypothetical company or
organization. You will eventually be assessing two or more possible solutions or options
regarding your subject. After some preliminary research and investigation, draft a proposal.
Your proposal will outline how you plan to research/address the issue at hand. The
recommendation report will then show the final result to the best of your ability. The final
proposal should be 800-1,000 words, not including any necessary tables or images.
Introduction: explain the purpose and provide context for the project, the topic and
goal should be clear by the end
Background: provide necessary background information, clarifying details, and define
any necessary terms or ideas
Procedure: outline real and hypothetical tasks and costs whenever possible, explain
clearly what the job itself will look like to the best of your ability
Schedule: provide a schedule for the recommendation report (how you will approach
completing this project) and if possible the imagined task. How do you plan to
accomplish the written project? If we were to actually try to complete your proposed
project, how would we go about it and how long would it take? For example, if you are
proposing that a company develop a fully functioning space elevator—how long would
it take? What hurdles need to be overcome?
Bibliography: with your current list of sources
**Citations within the report should follow APA format**
It does not HAVE TO relate to your field of study, that’s simply a suggestion. Follow
your interests.