This paper is a brief reflection paper (2 to 3 page, double-spaced) responding to the following thought-provoking prompt. The reflection must include a call to action; you will identify actionable steps in response to your reflection. You are asked to reflect and demonstrate critical thinking skills about concepts how they apply to you personally, real-world situations, and social work practice. You’re expected to engage with your core values in your reflection and consider how these values could influence your future practice as a social worker. The reflection topic for this paper is:

It’s important to recognize compassion fatigue and burnout, harness compassion satisfaction, and take care of yourself. Please reflect on and respond to the following prompts:

  • What are you signs that you are beginning to feel burnt-out or “compassion fatigued”?
  • What are three, go-to self-care activities you rely on? How do you know when they are working (i.e., what is the first sign they are beginning to work)?
  • Think about your experience in social work so far. This could be a course you took, a placement opportunity, or an experience on the job. Describe a moment that brought you intrinsic joy and/or reaffirmed your decision to enter this field. Why did you feel this way? What were others doing (e.g., professors, supervisors, colleagues, clients, etc.) that contributed to this feeling? What were you doing? How could you try and foster this feeling in the future?
  • What is your call to action with regards to the topics: self-care, compassion, fatigue, burnout, and compassion satisfaction?