Literature Review assignment

students will select at least 5 scholarly journal articles and read the articles to complete the literature review. The literature review should include the following:

Introduction: This is used to establish the context (background) of your review. Students should define the topic of the study and provide any background information that helps the reader to understand the topic. Students should also explain the reason for reviewing the literature on this topic (i.e. what made you choose the topic).

Body: This section of the paper will be an explanation of how you organized the literature review and describe your findings. You want to sort the journal articles that you found based on the themes (i.e. the concept map). These themes will serve as the headings for each paragraph that you write in the body section of the literature review.

o Write an introduction paragraph to the body of the review that tells the reader the specific information on how many articles you reviewed, how you determined the themes based on the findings/results.

o The following paragraphs will be the different themes that you have found in your literature review. You want to compare and contrast and/or connect the theme with the articles that fall under that theme.

Summary: The last paragraph of the literature review is where you will summarize the main findings from the articles reviewed and to point out the information that is important to your topic.

References: This will be a separate page that must be in APA format.

part 2=Discussion Question – Double-Blind Study

The term “double-blind study” has been highlighted most recently in the media. Please research this term and define the term, in your own words. Specifically, highlight some advantages as well as disadvantages of double-blind studies.

Students must respond with at least 4-5 sentences and post one additional reply to another student. The initial post is 15 points and the additional peer response is 5 points.