I want you to do exactly the same this pdf research, but use the starch and iodine method not utilising an amylase sensitive paper (Phadebas1 Forensic Press test)I did the experiment and attached the results. I want you to write the names of the tools from the pictures and attach the pictures and write the quantity and names of the materials from the information below and complete the missing information to be a complete research and completely similar to the pdf file attached above in quantity and arrangement.Research Title: alpha amylases activities in saliva as forensic marker

I want it to be a full-fledged search that includes abstract and keywords



Materials and methods

method has been used

quantitative starch-iodine method for measuring alpha-amylase activity

93 samples of human saliva were used after collecting them in separate plastic containers and diluting them with saline solution.

100 microliters of saliva

100 microliters of starch

and 100 microliters of iodine

And the iodine was the control, and I will attach the pictures of the tools and the picture of the device in order to write their names in the materials field, and attach their pictures in the materials field, the name of the device

microplate reader

3 .

and results.

the research Search An experiment I conducted and I am attaching a blue image of the results of the device in the form of numbers from

microplate reader

When the starch breaks down, it means the alpha amylase in saliva and the blue color decreases

the yellow color


If the starch is not broken, it will be light blue or yellow

Dark blue means less alpha amylase


, explain the result and explain it in the discussion box



same the pdf file


I ask you to do a complete excellent research. If there are details that I do not know, you will complete it with your knowledge and i want in the word file and iwant to send on the time please