As you reflect on the response from your peer, how do you feel that your experience compares to theirs? Upon reviewing their proposed research, what additional thoughts do you have about the impact that this project might have?

Student post down below:

Section 5.4

The capstone project, Increasing the Presence of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for Healthy Families Delaware will be conducted as an Action Research Monograph. The participants will be my colleagues in the Healthy Families Delaware program and the housing agency Children & Families First. I will develop a few questions that ask about EDI and use SurveyMonkey to create a survey. Using SurveyMonkey will allow me to view the anonymous results and gauge the consensus about EDI in the program. Then I will consult/confer with the agency’s EDI Team Leader to gain more insight on the agency’s direction in addressing EDI. Last, I will gather the results and present my findings to the program leadership. I will use a literature review as guidance in the development of questions, surveys, and exploring the presence of EDI.

5.5 Project Timeline

The capstone is in alignment with Healthy Families Delaware’s preparation for 2023 accreditation. I will be working on the capstone and the review of HFD’s best practice standards simultaneously. I have not listed a specific project completion date, but I anticipate the project will be completed before the fall session 2023.

Quarter 1

Receive site approval

Receive topic approval

Create literature review

Quarter 2

Create survey

Analyze survey results

Continue developing project

Quarter 3


Ethics Paper

Quarter 4

Review findings

Present to program leadership

Submit final project for review