To earn the extra credit points, students must write up a review following the guidelines for their chosen option. Students can earn up to 10 points of extra credit toward your total grade for each review, but remember that you can only earn up to 30 points of extra credit through any combination of these options.

TED Talks and news articles must also relate to class content that we have covered or will cover during the semester. I have also included folders containing pre-selected TED Talks and recommended news sources to help you get started, if needed. You are welcome to check with me to see if your article fits with the course.

A collection of online sources that you can use to find news articles for your reviews:

The New York Times (Links to an external site.)

The Economist (Links to an external site.)

Washington Post

Here’s a list of some pre-selected TED Talks that you can use for this extra credit review:

Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story (Links to an external site.)

Parag Khanna: How megacities are changing the map of the world (Links to an external site.)

Greg Asner: Ecology from the air (Links to an external site.)

Nancy Rabalais: The “dead zone” of the Gulf of Mexico (Links to an external site.)

Carolyn Steel: How food shapes our cities