Overview: For this assignment, you will choose a one of the sources from your annotated bibliography and do a rhetorical analysis on it.

What exactly is it that makes the argument work (or not)? What key elements either convince or fail to convince you?

Consult the examples linked below. Using this, examine the argument, the claims used, any evidence, stylistic choices, media choices, and so on. Use what you learn to construct an analysis of your chosen piece and decide whether the argument works or doesn’t, and why.

Remember: How you personally feel about the topic at hand should not factor into your analysis, focus your attention on the effectiveness and techniques used to present the argument, notyour perspective on the topic.

Length: 500 – 750 words (2 – 3 pages)

Format: Typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman size 12 font, one inch margins. Any citations should be in MLA format unless you ask to use another citation style before you hand the assignment in.