Watch the video on YouTube

Answer the questions below. If the questions do not make sense, they should make sense after watching the video

Give about 150-word answers to each question

Dr. Harari’s lecture underscores a mastery learning topic – linear thought or self-talk as an “always-on” function of the brain. All that you do is affected by the “story” you subscribe to. Currently, part of your story is that you are a college student on a path to graduation, likely, as a gateway for employment.

● Have you considered that all that you do is based on a mutual fiction?

● Harari’s position is that as animals what sets us apart is that we have

language and we use it to tell stories as a means of cooperation. Do you


● Can you change your story? In the words of *Timothy Leary could you “Tune-

in, Turn-on, and Drop-out” What would be the cost benefit of changing your story.