Un cuento corto – A short story

For your project you will write and “illustrate” a short story. It can be any genre but will have to follow these requirements.

-You will write a short story as if you were dropped off in the middle of a city with only $300 and had to be in the city 4 days before you could get help. Reference where would you go, what would you eat, specific activities you would do. (Use the film Chinese Take-away as an inspiration.)

-Be at least 20 sentences long. I would average 2-4 sentences per page to allow you to illustrate the story. You don’t need to draw; simply copy/paste pictures or drawings available online to add a visual dimension to the story.

-You need to use the Present tense at least 5 times. (Underline each use in the text of your story)

-You need to use the Future (ir + a + infinitive) at least 5 times. (Underline each use)

-You need to use Preterite (simple past) at least 5 times. (Underline each use)

-Please submit the story in PowerPoint. Please have a nicely designed title page and have each slide represent a page in your story. For best results type your story into Word so you can add accents to your text much easier. How to add accents is found in Spanish Resources in the first learning modules.