This course has focused on the Beginning Phase of Social Work Practice. For this paper, choose one or more client systems that you have had a meaningful beginning with. Using the two required texts (Shulman and Kirst-Ashman & Hull), select four practice concepts relevant to the beginning phase of Social Work Practice and compose your paper. Practice concepts mean the applied social work skills you have utilized. Please see additional sheet attached to this assignment for some examples.

Your paper will need to reflect the following:

1. Offer a definition, from the text, followed by an explanation in your own words of each of the four concepts you have selected.

2. For each concept, submit a process vignette that provides an example of how you did or did not utilize the concept in your work with the particular client system. You will need to do this for each of the four concepts identified.

3. After each example, critically analyze your work by commenting on the strengths and weaknesses of the exchange. Through self-reflection offer ideas as to how you might have improved your use of the practice concept. Be specific.

4.Select a particular client system you interacted with during your internship and discuss any obstacles or challenges that occurred in your practice with this client system. Be sure to provide a clear example of the challenge or obstacle you encountered. Be specific as to how this impacted the nature of the work. Be particularly attentive to issues around diversity and difference including: age, class, race, culture, ability, gender, gender identity and expression, immigration status, mental health status, political ideology, religion, sexual orientation.

5. Discuss in what way your personal feelings did or did not impact on developing the working relationship with the client system you identified in number four. Comment on any challenges between your personal and professional value systems.

Develop your thinking by utilizing additional literature sources from inside and outside the course syllabus. The suggested length of the paper is 10 – 12 pages. Please ensure 12 point font double spaced, 1 inch margins and APA format.