Find an academic book dealing with some aspect of collective behavior and read at least 100 pages of it. Then write a 5-page, double-spaced (12 point font) book report explaining what insights the book provides in terms of our understanding of collective behavior (or an aspect of it).

This counts toward the 10 percent attendance grade. Maximum available points = 10. You’ll need to score at least a B- (80%) to receive the full 10 percent. If you score a C or C+, you’ll receive 7.5 percentage points. Essays below this standard will receive either 5 or 2.5 points (at our discretion).

We’ll look for strong effort and consistent engagement with the text throughout your book report. Give a full citation of title, author, year, press at the top of the report. Then cite (author, pg #) throughout, demonstrating that you’ve engaged with 100 pages or more of the book. Avoid utilizing more than 4 words in a row without quoting, and try to limit the number of quotes (especially longer quotes) to foreground your own writing voice.