Internet Assignment – Minimum 6 pages double spaced 12 point font.

For this assignment you will explore the web sites listed and read at least three news/analysis items or feature articles that address at least three distinct current events or topical matters in Latin America. Hypothetically, for example, you could read an article about a U.S.-Venezuela dispute, another article about a massacre in Mexico, and a third about how an indigenous organization has been increasing its influence in Peru. Choose 3 articles from the list and write 2 pages on each.Note that each article must come from a different web site.

Then you will write an approximately two-page write up on each news, analysis, or feature article, in which you analyze and relate the particular item to the themes you have learned about and the perspective you have gained from the course and indicating insights that the course and its required readings have given you.

Make sure you do not merely describe the article: rather, you must analyze the article. What you want to show is how the course has helped you to be able to understand contemporary developments in Latin America.