I need some assistance solving and writing a graph theory problem.

The question is:

Part I: Complete the following steps:

  1. Select a real-world optimization problem that is an example of the Chinese Postman Problem
  2. Create a graph modeling the real-world scenario corresponding to the problem. Use weights to represent the variable that you are optimizing.
  3. Find an optimal solution for the problem.

  4. Parrt II: Based on your work in Part I, discuss the following:
  1. Discuss your rationale for your choice of the real-world optimization problem. How were you able to identify that it was an example of the CPP? Why is this example relevant?
  2. Describe how you created the graph modeling the real-world scenario corresponding to the problem.
  3. Identify if the graph has a Euler path and a Euler circuit. Justify your answer.
  4. Explain in detail how you solved the problem.
  5. Describe an alternative optimal solution to the problem. If no other solution exists, explain why not.
  6. Consider another variable that could be optimized in the problem. How would your answers to Part I be affected by this change?
  7. Discuss the advantages of using graph theory to solve this problem.


2-3 Pages not including title and reference page in APA Format.

Please respond within 4 Hours. Thank you!