1. Select a Steel Column based on your preference criteria such as shape, length, supports, loads, etc.
  2. Perform a complete hand-calculation (classical method) to show that the designed column meets the minimum requirements (the nominal strength, design strength). You can choose either LRFD or ASD; There is no need to do both of them. Please make sure you follow all procedures that I covered, if applicable.
  3. Perform simulation to design steel column: define, apply and implement based upon the conditions that you did for hand calculation.
  4. Prepare a SHORT report.

For the report, please follow below:

  • Provide figures of your simulation: for example, where and how did you choose the material properties, how did you apply the loads, how did you apply the boundary conditions i.e., fixed/pinned supports. You can use snipping tools to provide these figures.
  • Present how do you know that your designed column can resist the applied load.
  • Compare your hand calculation with simulation results.
    • Show your simulation results . It can be contours or diagrams or tables or designed load values. For instance, show the designed strength of your simulation and compare with hand-calculation. Calculate the difference of simulation and hand-calculation.

You should submit:

1- A report based on the aforementioned instructions: Please send me only ONE PDF file.

2- Your simulation file (in one Zip file)