Please closely follow the instructions for the assignment. This is the SECOND of three parts for this assignment.

Please complete part 2. OPEN ALL ATTACHMENTS.

Strategy Assignment Part 2


Using the company you selected for the Strategy #1 assignment complete an Internal and External analysis of your Project Company.

Write a 1,200-word (minimum) paper in which you identify and analyze the most important trends from the general economic environment and the specific industry in which your chosen company competes.

A complete company and competitor assessment are your goals using the internal and external assessment techniques covered in Chapters 3, 4 and 5.

As a guide use the following: Note this is not to be totally inclusive it is a guide only. Do not use a 1-7 response format. This is an analysis which includes the information garnered from information gathered using these questions.

Assess the company you have chosen to research industry and competitive environment

Evaluate a company’s resources, capabilities, and competitiveness Be sure to include in your work a competitive strength assessment

Please detail what the specific strategy is the company using to compete in its industry. This is a companion assessment to the previous.