Request: The attached document contains the full request. You need to start by selecting an ASX listed mining/manufacturing or retail business organization based on which you will write the report ( – please let me know in the upcoming 4-5 hours after accepting the bid which company you chose so I can send it to the professor. There are also some class lectures which might be needed for this task (will provide them in a zip format (there are only some pdf lectures which contain the text from what was discussed in class as one of the parts requires to approach a SCM theory from the class). The final work should be 3000 words (+/- 10%) excluding cover and reference page), Times New Roman 12, and with a line spacing of 1.5.There are 4 key aspects which should be approached

  • A descriptive profile of the chosen business
  • Major supplies for the business and discuss at least one OM/SCM theory related to the company from the class lectures.
  • Further discuss regarding the supply chain practices (as mentioned in the attached pdf file)
  • Unforeseen events

An in depth explanation of what should be discussed in each of these parts are mentioned in the pdf file, so please read it carefully and make sure you deliver the work as stated by the professor.