using P chart, NP chart, C chart

calculate UCL, LCL, CL,

If you need Z value, it is 3 for. this class.

Develop appropriate process control chart(s) using 3 sigma control limits.

Is the process shown in the chart(s) in Part A in control? Explain using NICE?

In an effort to improve the process, you make some changes and after the changes are made, collect five more samples of 25 forms each. The number of defects found is shown below. Plot these five observations on the same control chart (using the same LCL, CL, and UCL) developed in part A. Label them Sample Numbers 16–20. What comments can you make about the process now? Should any changes be made given the new evidence? If so, describe what changes should be made to the control chart AND make the changes. If no changes are needed, explain why not.