Attached is business plan at the corporate level. Please take the information and complete section 8 and 9(Production, engineering, and/or technology (Overview/how they do what they do) &
Sales and marketing (Overview). The company is Proctor & Gamble. I’ve also attached a sample (Exxon Mobil) as a guideline. Also please provide six resources(Links) on the two sections.

1. Cover sheet/Title Page.
2.Table of contents
3.Executive summary
4.Mission (Your revised mission statement)
5.Vision (Your revised vision statement)
6.The company description (Analysis/SWOT)
7.The market (Analysis)
8.Production, engineering, and/or technology (Overview/how they do what they do)
9.Sales and marketing (Overview)
10.Management (Bios of Key Personalities)
11.Financials (Analysis of financial statements, key metrics)
12. The Strategy (Growth, Stability, Retrenchment, Combination)
13. Strategic Goals (SMART)
14. Implementation (Goals into steps on a timeline)
15. Controls (Ways to ensure the goals are being met)
16. Conclusion (Wrap it all up) Summarize with a statement that displays confidence and control. Hit on the major points.
17. References ***Note Supporting Documents (Tax Statements, Letters of Intent, etc.) are not required for this business plan