Self-Reflection Journal: The self-reflection journal (SRJ) is intended as a mechanism to examine course experiences for lessons that may be elusive if not committed to paper. This allows participants to reflect on what they’ve learned about themselves, their assumptions about social interactions, and what might be done differently in the future.

Participants should focus on how course lectures, discussions, self-assessments, exercises and assignments inform their personal and professional lives. That is, what the material means, its value to you, and application to your own life. you can include any of the materials from the prior time period. Each entry should be around 2 pages (500 words). While not required, course concepts are welcome in your reflection.

I am attaching what I have done so far I would like for you to finish the rest of the assignment. I would like for you to do 2 self-reflection assignments that I have not finished so that would be 500 words each. please pay attention on what I wrote and make it sound the same. the first self assessment has 250 words. done but needs 250 more. the second one needs all 500 words.

I will also be attaching class powerpoint for you to take ideas from to add on the both self assessment. slide 1-33 first assessment, slid 33-47 second assessment.