The main purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate to me that you understand natural hazards and can:

  • Explain the relationship between the magnitude, frequency, seasonality, or cycles of natural disasters
  • Identify the dynamic interconnections between earth processes and their effects on the environment
  • Use scientific methods to gather, analyze, and synthesize quantitative and qualitative data from multiple sources
  • Make inferences and formulate predictions using scientific data, observations, and methods
  • Examine the effects of natural hazards on human environments
  • Demonstrate how natural hazards become disasters and ultimately catastrophes
  • Determine the roles of federal and local governments, non-profits, communities, and individuals in natural disaster mitigation preparedness, response, and recovery
  • Give examples of how population growth, social and economic inequality, poor land-use practices, and concentration of infrastructure in hazardous areas are increasing our vulnerability to natural disasters


You will generate a report for this project. In addition to text (some text is mandatory), the report should include at least one additional type of media such as a recording, a video, movie trailer, map, graph, etc.


Ultimately, you will write an essay about 700-1000 words long (5-10 paragraphs) maximum. You should also include at least one diagram, figure, or map, which must be correctly cited in your bibliography.

Now, you should watch the movie, paying special attention to the following aspects of the plot:

  1. How was this film related to the disaster? How was the disaster used to move the story forward?
  2. What is the science behind the phenomenon you chose to research? This should be the most significant section of your paper!
  3. Describe the direct and indirect effects of the disaster.
  4. What could the government have changed?
  5. Explain the long-term global impacts of the disaster.

Next, begin to write your paper by addressing each of the 5 points above. For more information about direct and indirect effects of disasters, refer to section 1.5 in the online textbook. You should also make sure that you address each of the learning outcomes stated in the PURPOSE section above, while you answer the 5 prompts.


Page 1: Title Page including your name, the class and semester, the name of the Project (Signature Assignment: Disasters in the Movies), and the date.

Pages 2-5: Body of the report. This should be 700-1000 words, but please not more than this. You should include at least one figure, diagram, or map in the body of the report and reference it. You should address each of the 5 points listed above.

After the last report body page: Bibliography: Your complete bibliography which lists the APA citation for each source you referenced. You must have at least 3 sources, but they do not have to match the annotated bibliography that you submitted earlier in the semester.

Since the final report is in digital format, you may choose to include hyperlinks to your sources of other content, such as a trailer for the movie, or other helpful information for people who read your report. This isn’t necessary for full credit.

In general, your work for each part of this project should use proper writing style. Carefully proofread your work for correct spelling and grammar. Organize your thoughts into clear sentences and paragraphs.