This week your case study analysis for maxiaNET in Venezuela is due. Submit your paper here. Be sure to read the attached case analysis guidance document for additional information on expectations.

Pearson Education – How to Analyze a Case Study Download How to Analyze a Case Study

In your analysis paper, answer the following questions and provide facts and information from the case supporting your conclusions.

  1. Why do institutions matter to society and businesses? How do they affect maxiaNET’s decision, or in other words what components of maxiaNET’s decision are or will be affected by these institutions? What role do they play in the context of this case?
  2. What are the institutional (i.e., political, economic, commercial, regulatory, and socio-cultural) risks that businesses, especially U.S. firms, face in Venezuela?
  3. What motivates maxiaNET’s business capabilities and experiences in the context of the proposed product-market expansion?
  4. Assess maxiaNET’s business capabilities and experience in the context of the proposed product-market expansion.
  5. What recommendations would you make to Gomez on whether to proceed with importing disposable diapers into Venezuela?

Next week you will create a PowerPoint presentation and video to share with the class for discussion.

All students are expected to abide by Wilmington University’s Academic Integrity Policy (Links to an external site.). Please understand that plagiarism is absolutely unacceptable and your papers will be assessed for plagiarism using Turnitin. To help avoid any issues, you will have the capability to submit your paper two times before it is due. You will be able to see your Turnitin analysis. I will grade the last paper you submitted.