APA 7 Format is required!

In this assignment, you experienced a simulated Chemical attack disaster, and you will need to provide a report on what each CIKR stakeholder will need to do in order to return to steady state. You will state what laws, regulations, and standards apply to that steady-state plan, and what actions, if any, they will take in the future to mitigate against an event like this. Assume that the event has happened in your US state of choice, and that you are providing this report after the end of the scenario after the governor has arrived with aid and the FBI has completed their investigation.

The CIKR stakeholders that you must provide a report on are:

  • Hospital CEO
    • EMS Ambulance team
    • Fire Department
    • Police Department
    • Funeral Directors
    • University Police
  • Each CIKR must provide:

  • Plan to return to steady state
    • What laws, regulations, and standards on the local, State, and Federal levels apply to their situation
    • What actions, if any, the CIKR will take to mitigate against this type of event in the future