1. What is theology? Draw upon specific examples of theological sources, questions, methods, etc., in constructing your answer. Use materials that we worked on together in class to demonstrate the definition of theology you propose. These can include texts we read (Weaver, the Bible), your Matthew essay, projects we pursued (your essay church visit, novel, or art observation), as well as your own thoughts and experiences. NOTE: Do NOT simply find a dictionary or online definition and write that up as your answer
  2. The course description of TRS100 states that this course “primarily examines the perennial questions of existence and the answers proffered by the Christian faith.” Identify one of these “perennial questions” that you would like to further investigate. State your question, and the various specific sources that you would utilize to attempt to answer that question as a theologian or scholar of religion, as well as any tentative hypotheses or conclusions. Your job is not to answer the question – if it’s a good question, you won’t be able to – but instead to outline how you would begin to research that question in, for example, a semester-long course or research project.