Research Question: What is alkaline water and why is it good for you?

Write an annotated bibliography for the research question. Should include at least 8 total sources, with a minimum of 4 being from peer-reviewed journals. The sources on each Annotated Bibliography should be appropriate, scholarly sources that help you develop upon your thesis statement. List the sources in APA format. Beneath each of the citations, you need one paragraph (approximately 100 words) that includes: a brief description of the source (identify its thesis or claim), an explanation of how the source meets the criteria for being college-level research material using the CRAAP test, and a sentence or two explaining how it will help you support one of your points (relevance).

CRAAP= Currency (how recent the paper was published), Relevance (contains relevant information/quotes), Authority (the author is reputable and without bias), Accuracy (the paper cites other experts and isn’t full of errors), and Purpose (the source’s main purpose is to present clear, factual information).