Please read over the document “Strategies in Writing the Executive Summary.” This is posted in Content for Week 6. Also review the ES in the paper Robots for Autism. Your ES should have exactly FIVE paragraphs, no citations and no graphics.

After reading this document, please ensure that you have applied the strategies it outlines when you wrote your executive summary.

Then post a draft of your executive summary for your white paper.

Executive Summary Template

The purpose of the executive summary is to condense the main points of your white paper into one page. The executive summary allows a busy executive to quickly grasp and understand your ideas and conclusions. This process allows him or her to decide whether or not to read the full paper.

The executive summary, which should be no more than one single-spaced page with five short paragraphs. DO NOT use headings in a white-paper executive summary. The organization should follow the organization of the finished paper.

In writing the executive summary, include the following information:

  1. Start with your thesis, what you are going to prove in your paper or what are you going to persuade your audience to do. Then define your audience. DO NOT USE FIRST OR SECOND PERSON POV.
  2. Summarize your introduction. This is not the place for graphics or statistics, but just an explanation in layperson’s terms of what you are writing about.
  3. Briefly review the previous approaches.
  4. Succinctly report the new findings.
  5. Summarize your main point in a couple of sentences. In this approach, you will not simply repeat your thesis, but you will write it in different words that help the reader understand the sections of the paper.