In this assignment, you will use what you learned about the ecological systems model and reflect back on your own learning and development in reference to the ideas discussed in class around this model. Because our learning and development does not take place within a vacuum, it is important to acknowledge the different factors that have influenced our own development. The purpose of this assignment is to challenge you to start thinking about how individuals within society are influenced by the risks and opportunities within their lives.

In this 3-page paper, you will reflect back on your upbringing and the influences in your life that have brought you to where you are now. I recognize this could bring you back into your memories and also acknowledge the personal nature of this assignment. You can share what is comfortable for you, but it will be important to analyze how it has impacted your learning and development.


  • Includes elements of your life that fit in each system (microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem) in the ecological model and how they were risks or opportunities to your development.
  • Includes a thoughtful discussion of what this means for you as a future educator when considering how your future students’ learning and development takes place outside of the classroom.