I need support to write a research results and discussion about “Zoom/Teams and Open Source Conference Systems and their privacy issues “the document should focus only on the privacy issues and it should at least 8 pages, not including the title or reference pages and using APA style guidelines,

The references should not before 2019

Possible journals:

IEEE Access

IEEE Security & Privacy.

IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security

Hindawi Security and Communication Networks

ELSEVIER Computers & Security

ELSEVIER Journal of Information Security and Applications

ELSEVIER Forensic Science International: Digital Investigation

ELSEVIER Forensic Science International

MDPI Forensic Sciences

Wiley Journal of Forensic Sciences

Using at least 3 figures and 3 tables and should be cited.

Suggested response should be like the below sorting:

  • 1-Global Survey Conduct (4 pages)
  • 2-Data Collection to Prepare the Required Analysis ( 4 pages )

Should include multiple examples of global surveys about the privacy issues in Zoom/Teams and Open Source Conference Systems

2 tables

2 figures

2.1 – Primary Data Analysis. ( 2 pages )

2.2 – Secondary Data Analysis ( 2pages )

Research results and discussions

To present the massive volume of data collected in an ordered manner, the data must be put in writing. Arrange the data into tables and figures and arrange it in such a way that the specific groups of data correspond. The body of your dissertation or thesis will be divided into chapters and the chapters will be divided into sections and sub-sections. You do not want to “loose” your reader so you need to structure the body of the dissertation or theses carefully. You should make it as logical, cumulative and simple as possible.

The conclusion must be motivated, and where applicable, based on a sound statistical analysis of the data. If there are different views of the concept it must be clearly stated by means of logical reasoning to indicate why one view is preferred to another.

Conclusions and findings must always be clear on which facts and/or published literature the conclusions and findings are based.